Recent Work – Global Micro

A recent project in the studio was Global Micro – an IT company that is essentially your one-stop-shop throughout the entire IT lifecycle. They specialise in optimising small and medium sized enterprises.

Designfield was responsible for the strategy and the re-design of the identity. We created a smarter identity that would convey the professionalism and intelligence with which they conduct business. The visual language drew inspiration from the timeless pin stripe suit. A range of stripes were developed for use throughout the brand and illustration was used to give the brand a unique and consistent image.

Global Micro Internal Launch

As part of the Strategy for Global Micro we developed a Brand essence and a set of values. As every great brand knows if your staff aren’t living these values then consumers will believe that you are not who you say you are. Designfield developed an internal campaign consisting of posters and banner around the office leading up to an internal launch. After a presentation of the new identity and values at the launch each staff member received a pack of goodies as a reminder. The pack included a laptop bag, badges, two t-shirts, a notepad and a mug.

To see how we can add value to your brand have a look what we’ve done for Global Micro.