Do you have a business or a brand? What’s the difference? A business sells X. Service X, product X. A brand makes your X stand out from the crowd. It creates a compelling reason for your ideal customer to choose, and recommend, your X over all the other X’s. And that’s where we come in.

We create new brands, revive old ones and nurture those that are already great.

What We Do

Designfield is a small design consultancy that focuses on delivering strategically driven creative solutions to build better brands. We have local and international experience in a number of different sectors from leisure and fashion to banking, mining and IT.

How We Do It

Each project is unique in terms of deliverables and budget. Mostly you will be working with myself, Beverley Field, an award-winning graphic designer with 17 years experience at the country’s top branding and design agencies.

Should the project require additional professionals such as strategists, copywriters and photographers then we carefully select those who are leaders in their field of expertise to form part of the outsourced team that will best deliver on our client’s brief.

Who We Do It For


We specialise in small to medium sized enterprises looking to re-brand completely, or simply refresh their current brand.


We believe that everyone deserves a great brand, so we offer preferential rates to one lucky young entrepreneurs per month. Do you believe you fall into this category? Let us know when you contact us.


Are you an agency in need of a senior freelance resource? Contact us.

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